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The NISSIN FOODS Group is engaged in numerous activities that contribute to society, such as the creation of new food products, the promotion of sports, and the provision of aid to disaster victims. These activities are based on the four spirits of our founder, Momofuku Ando, namely, "People can only be content when there is enough food," "Creating foods to serve society," "Eat wisely for beauty and health" and "Food-related jobs are a sacred profession," as well as the principle that "Eating and sports are the two axles of health."

In Fiscal 2018, the social contribution activities conducted by NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS and major activities by NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS and eight other Group companies including cash donations or the provision of goods, and the personnel cost, amounted to approximately ¥1.3 billion when converted into monetary terms.

Cost breakdown of social contribution activities in FY2018 (Millions of yen)

  • Cash donations: 1240
  • Donation of goods: 30
  • Personnel costs of employees working for non-profit organizations or employees participating in activities during working hours: 24
  • Management overhead: 50