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Support for Sports

Sports Promotion Supporting Children’s Track and Field Activities

Endorsing the belief of the Japan Association of Athletics Federations that running is where all sports begin, the NISSIN FOODS Group has sponsored the “NISSIN FOODS Cup” National Elementary School Track and Field Championships, since it was first held in 1985. Since 1999, we have sponsored the “NISSIN FOODS Cup” All Japan Elementary School Athletics Competition, held to enable elementary school children to learn correct long-distance running and endurance running techniques and training methods. Many Olympians and other athletes who compete in international events have emerged from these two competitions, which have contributed to strengthening track and field in Japan.

Ando Foundation Support for Track and Field Athletes and Tennis Players

Shota Iizuka, Yoshihide Kiryu, and Kenji Fujimitsu, bronze medalists in the men’s 4x100 meter relay at the IAAF World Championships, and Hirooki Arai, silver medalist in the men’s 50 kilometer walking event, made a courtesy call at the Tokyo head office in August 2017.

Since 2013, the Ando Foundation has sponsored the junior tennis player development program organized by the Japan Tennis Association. In fiscal 2018, a total of 87 players participated in 3 top performer training camps, 198 players attended 26 national junior tennis camps, and 59 top junior players and instructors went on 14 overseas tours. Yosuke Watanuki, with whom NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS concluded a sponsorship agreement in November 2017, participated in a top performer training camp in 2013. Since 2015, the Ando Foundation, together with the Japan Association of Athletics Federations, has conducted the Ando Foundation Global Challenge Project to support overseas competition by young track and field athletes. The project supports unsponsored individuals age sixteen or older who aspire to win medals in international track and field competitions. Participants gain valuable experience by taking extended leave from school and traveling to events that draw world-class athletes. In fiscal 2018, the project provided support to nine athletes expected to make a particularly strong showing at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Ando Foundation

Momofuku Ando established the Ando Foundation with his personal funds in 1983 in the belief that “Eating and sports are the two axles of health.” The foundation’s main activities are support for track and field events, promotion of nature activities, operation of the CUPNOODLES MUSEUMS, and an awards program that encourages creative foundational research and solid developments that lead to the creation of new food products. The NISSIN FOODS Group endorses the principles of the Ando Foundation and enthusiastically supports its activities.

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