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Activities that Celebrate Invention and Discovery

Interactive Educational Food Museums

The NISSIN FOODS Group operates the CUPNOODLES MUSEUMS (Official name: The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museums), which convey the importance of invention and discovery, in Ikeda City, Osaka and Yokohama City, Kanagawa. Through hands-on experience, museum visitors enjoy learning about an entrepreneurial mindset and the creative thinking of Momofuku Ando. The museums feature exhibits related to the invention and development of instant noodles, the Chicken Ramen Factory, where visitors make noodles by hand from flour, and the My CUPNOODLES Factory, where visitors select a soup and ingredients to create their own original CUP NOODLES. The CUPNOODLES MUSEUM Osaka Ikeda attracted 770,000 visitors in fiscal 2018, and 8.15 million since opening. The CUPNOODLES MUSEUM Yokohama drew 1.08 million visitors in fiscal 2018, and 6.86 million since opening.

Instant Noodle-Making Workshops in Hong Kong

The NISSIN FOODS Group opened in Hong Kong International Airport the Demae Iccho Factory and the My CUP NOODLES Factory, where visitors learn the importance of invention and discovery by personally creating their own versions of these products. These interactive experience centers have drawn a total of 190,000 visitors since their opening in November 2016 until March 31, 2018.

Dietary Education for Children

NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS has held the Chicken Ramen Oishii (Delicious) Dietary Education School program since 2008. We teach children in an easy-to-understand way how Chicken Ramen is made and what ingredients are used by enabling them to enjoyably experience the process of making instant noodles, from kneading flour and rolling noodles, to frying noodles in oil. Children can learn about the importance of nutritional balance through their experiences. In fiscal 2018, 900 parents and children participated in 20 sessions held at 13 locations.

Support for New Food Creation

The SHOKUSOKAI, founded in 1996 in accordance with Momofuku Ando’s principle “Create foods to serve society,” established and confers on researchers and entrepreneurs the Momofuku Ando Awards to encourage creative foundational research, food product development, and venture businesses that contribute to the creation and development of new food products.

The SHOKUSOKAI supports the activities of researchers and entrepreneurs with a grand prize of ¥10 million and awards of excellence of ¥2 million as well as invention and discovery encouragement awards of ¥1 million awarded as an extra prize for young researchers and young developers working at SMEs.