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Regional Development and Community Contributions

Support for Local Innovators

To help energize communities through noodles, NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS is a sponsor of Hometown Specialty of the Year, an awards program that supports specialty products that will contribute to the future of local communities and development of markets for those products (organizer: Hometown Specialty of the Year Executive Committee; support: Cabinet Office, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry).

In fiscal 2018, awards were conferred in three categories. Hachioji ramen, a local ramen branding initiative, received an award in the Noodles that Contribute to Regional Development Category. Toshiake udon (“New Year’s udon”), an activity to promote a new custom for enjoying udon noodles, received an award in the Community Publicity through Noodles Category. Ramen made using wild boar, which damage crops, received an award in the Delicious Accomplishment Category. We posted information on the awards on the NISSIN FOODS Group website.

MYOJO FOODS Support Tohoku Recovery Efforts

Since the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011, MYOJO FOODS has continued to create new products to support recovery efforts in the Tohoku region. Since 2013, the company has developed new products in collaboration with leading restaurants in the region. In February 2018, it launched MYOJO Pikaichitei Shoyu Ramen, developed under the supervision of the owner of Pikaichitei, a popular long established ramen restaurant in Miyako City, Iwate. A portion of the sales proceeds was donated to Miyako City’s Hometown Donation Fund.

R&D Center Tours

In August 2017, “The WAVE,” the NISSIN FOODS Group’s research and development center in Hachioji City, hosted a tour for 32 local elementary and junior high school students and their caregivers and 8 employees of Hachioji City. This was the second such tour, following a successful initial tour in 2016. The participants observed a fried noodles test production line and learned about business activities at the WAVE ranging from the development of products including cup-type noodles, frozen products, lactobacillus drinks, and granola to safety management.