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"Sleep Smart, Work Smart," Sixtieth-Year 60 Year Sleep Project | CSR

Project No. 21 (December 2017 -)

"Sleep Smart, Work Smart," Sixtieth-Year 60 Year Sleep Project

The Sixtieth-Year Sleep Project is a social contribution activity that combines assistance for children suffering from hunger or poverty with health promotion for Group employees.

A total of 400 NISSIN FOODS Group employees are using wearable activity monitors to record the quality and quantity of their sleep. By ascertaining their own sleep state, improving sleep quality, and resolving sleep deprivation issues, the employees will seek to improve their lifestyle habits and boost their productivity. At the same time, we will open a special project site on the corporate intranet to provide support to promote refreshing sleep for all employees by disseminating information such as basic knowledge about sleep and techniques for comfortable sleeping.

The project will continue until the total sleep time of all of the participants reaches 60 years (531,000 hours*1), a target decided in connection with the 60th anniversary of the founding of NISSIN FOODS in 2018.*2 Upon completion of the project, the Group will provide assistance to children in Japan and abroad suffering from poverty or hunger by donating ¥600,000 to the United Nations World Food Programme‚Äôs school meals program and ¥400,000 to the Fund to Support Children's Future.

Furthermore, under Smart Work 2000, a project implemented by the NISSIN FOODS Group for the purpose of enhancing employee work-life balance and boosting work productivity, we will make an additional donation of up to ¥400,000 in accordance with the degree of achievement of our targets for overtime reduction and paid leave usage.

  • *1The figure was calculated by adding the additional hours from leap years (5,400 hours) to the number of hours in 60 years (525,600 hours).
  • *2Chuko Sosha Co., Ltd. was founded in 1948. Its name was changed to Sanshi Shokusan Co., Ltd. in 1949 and changed again to NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS Co., Ltd. in 1958.