Japanese Ramen launched Kyushu Black & Tokyo Shoyu in 2013, Hokkaido Miso in 2014 created a new flavour category in Singapore market. They each have their individual distinct tastes that reflect authentic Japanese flavours.

Complementing the soup base is Nissin's springy smooth noodles, which can rival those you find in Japanese Ramen restaurants. Created with proprietary technologies owned by Nissin Foods Holdings, this noodle is a unique creation in the market.

Kyushu Black, originating from Kyushu island, features black garlic oil which gives a fragrant taste with a hint of balsamic vinegar. Tokyo Shoyu, which is popular in Tokyo, has a distinct yet basic taste of umami. Nori seaweed is also included as garnish for Tokyo Shoyu flavour. Hokkaido Miso, which is popular in Hokkaido, a flavour miso soup base and special garnish, Wakame seaweed.